For Luiz Antonio

Article source from Today, 04/06/2013. Click to enlarge.

TD_04062013_it takes two to be gracious

Often, I feel very disappointed with people. Not because I have expectation of others, but they do not have the basic principles of being humane. The act of pure kindness and being considerate in humanity. There should not be any excuse just because you are living in a city where everybody is busy; rushing to work, occupied with their day to day events, and striving to perform in school or at work. There is no exception living in a country like Singapore, everybody struggle to exceed in this competitive country. Going through everyday lives like this, this video has shed some light, and thankfully, it restored my faith in humanity.

Watch this video: (Select English caption at the bottom right hand corner of the clip.)

Hats off to this kid here.

Now I see hope. For this, I will go meatless for 7 days, starting from today.


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