How much is your conscience worth?

About a month ago, 6:45am to be precise, I was thinking about the meaning of the word and its implication. It was so quiet that I could hear the birds chirping away. I remembered reading my friends’ blog that very same night. Just right before I slept, I kind of thought back and reflected on those that were still recurring in my mind. One that kept me thinking about was something Massha has written, she said, “…Do whatever you want – as long as it does not negotiate on your faith & values or put the lives of others into misery”. It got me thinking, probably because I feel bad having to feel pangs of guilt and remorse. I would hate to admit but I think I did and still place a burden on my family. It feel like I am self-condemning some of these major decision I have made for myself seemed like a really wrong idea. I may not be the smartest person on earth, but I can differentiate the difference between right and wrong, what I have to do and what not. Though most of these decisions was just to prove myself. Perhaps, some of you might think that I am selfish. But sometimes sacrifices need to be make in order to achieve something you want badly.


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