Add a Little White to Grey

Here is a confession; I have lost to negative force today.

Thinking maybe writing might help, so I try to relax and close my eyes.

In that pitch of darkness, bits and pieces of color patches appeared. They have a term for it, called “phosphenes”; which came from the Greek words “phos”, meaning “light”, and “phainein”, meaning “to show”. This happened at times when I rub my eyes or shut them a little tighter than I usually do. I remembered them clearly, because it reminds me of this silver linings outlines I saw from the puffy clouds during my stay at Cambodia and Bangkok. Especially in the journey of waiting and traveling on a vehicle, all I had to do was to look up and enjoy the moment.

We do not suffer from the shock of our trauma, but we make out of it what suits our purposes.

– Alfred Adler


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