Muffin, Muffin

Wouldn’t it be outrageous for me to make a post out of it? You owe me a muffin. I am not sure if my friend is reading this but you owe me a (it doesn’t have to be one) homemade muffin. A muffin that has to be made by you. Think I have just make myself sounded really bad. Bad enough to make myself seem like a demanding child, like I am someone petty. Feelings aside, back to muffin. “Why am I chasing after one muffin like this? It’s not like I can’t afford a muffin,” I mumbled. I hope you did not forget our exchange. You owe me a muffin. #stupidego

“You are not going to cab home, are you?” Kay asked.

“Since you mentioned, I will take the bus.” I replied.

Walking together is always nice when it comes unexpected. We reached your place earlier than I expected. Deep down, I did not want the night to end so soon and so I said, “shall we grab a drink?” You did not hear them wrong. It was structured as a question, but I was not asking. I was notifying in courtesy. *laughs* We got the drinks and headed back to your area, then you claimed that you should go home. That moment, I cannot help but to frown. My left hand then reached for your right elbow and drag you to the gigantic stairs where we sat the other time. Feeling slightly embarrassed to react like a five year old.

But, you still owe me muffin.


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