Twelfth Night on a Monday

How do I even come out with this title? Looking at my left hand, I start to count them one by one, starting from my thumb, follow by the index finger, middle finger and so forth… One, two, three, four, five-‘Twelfth Night on a Monday’, I counted. Optimistically, I am one of the few that wouldn’t get affected by Mondays, there is no such thing as Monday blues. Certainly, I had a long day today. It was tough and I am sure many of your Mondays did not go easy on you either. Does that mean I had a Monday as long as twelfth night? No. It is as simple as I received a Twelfth Night on a Monday.

In life, we can only depend on our own and if you are lucky, you will find a handful of friends who sincerely cares about you, a few that you can really trust and rely on. There are no words to express how lucky I am to be able to find friends who care about me. Just that a few of them are studying aboard and working at other parts of the world. Like me, they are pursuing their personal legends, searching for a great perhaps.

It was a Monday, an exceptionally long day. I slept late the night before, went to work in the morning, rushed to school in the evening and only had my ‘dinner’ at 10pm. During ‘dinner’, I listened to my friend’s talk and got home feeling really dreadful. At home, a package was left on my table wrapped with a plastic airbag. Closing to the end of the plastic airbag, it stated ‘…Registered in England and Wales’, I was thrilled and right on the spot I knew who this was from. Inside the plastic airbag was an envelop that was wrapped with huge scotch tapes all over to protect the parcel. But it seemed like it was injured with plasters all over. It stated ‘To: Michelle Lim’ in pink and my address was in green with a childlike handwriting. Obviously this person is trying very hard to be cute (hahahahaha). Alright. Anyway, coincidentally, what you sent to me was similar to what I have sent to you. If we are having this conversation right now, I could imagine, this is the moment where we will laugh it off with our hands pointing back and forth at you and me, and say, this is the power of ‘boobie telepathy’.


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