A Random Occurrence


Don’t tire yourself.

Would you say the same to a stranger you have barely known for 15 minutes? A stranger told me that today. “Don’t tire yourself,” he said. Right at that moment I thought, ‘yeah, I’m really tired’. And that wouldn’t have come across my mind if he hadn’t remind me. Holding on to so many things and yet to find a balance in life. “Don’t tire yourself,” he said. A stranger pointed out a fact he sees in you, his concern in seeing a young girl struggling with her life as though he has been though the same or met with a similar circumstance. I finish my drink and left that place. After three minutes of walk, I settled down in another cafe and ordered a cup of latte. As soon as I settled down, I took out my readings for school and felt really googly. Thereafter, I rest my head on the table and fell asleep. The shop owner then walk towards me and asked, “are you okay?” And I replied, “yep, I’m leaving”. Then I recalled what the stranger has told me, “don’t tire yourself,” he said.

Hence, that makes me wonder, knowing most Singaporeans, would you say the same to another stranger? Would you say that to another friend? I could almost forget when was the last time I heard that from someone else. “Don’t tire yourself,” he said.


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