When was the last time you enjoyed a walk? Were there cases of yourself just enjoying the walk home, school, going out of the way and inconvenient shopping malls and restaurants just to have that extra mile on foot?


That day-it was not the kind of day that went absolutely well if you get what I mean. Yet, I still feel good about it. Probably there was something that I was looking forward to on that day itself. Ironically, I somehow remembered the walk to school yesterday. It was a 32 °C scorching hot sunny afternoon and the weather was driving me nuts. I looked up to the skies, and noticed there was a flock of birds flying around fanatically in circles. Since when do I even observe such details? I asked myself in the thoughts of my own.

Surprisingly, I am not (as) nervous as to compared with all the presentations I did in the past. I did not stutter (as) much, I am not (as) nervous, and I managed to get my message across. Even though I was (so) nervous to the extent that I was not able to read the word ‘analysis’. Okay, I thought that was pretty embarrassing, but whatever.

Night at Artistry was pretty enjoyable. We get amused over their wallpaper in the toilet and mirrored ceiling, then laughed over people’s cute behavior and how we didn’t dare to leave halfway through the event ’cause it’d seem really rude. Walking home was sort of different last night-not referring to my usual home routine though. So, as I was saying, I have a mixture of feelings. This tingling nervous feeling yet happy at the same time. I can’t quite put this emotion into words without sounding cheeky or too cliche. But you should get the idea.


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