Daily Prompt: Free Association

Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . .

. . . home. (family/heart/cozy)

. . . soil. (trees/mother nature/forest)

. . . rain. (quiet/musky/drench)

Use those words in the title of your post.


Me: Hey. May I know what year is this?

Passer by: Err… 2013?

Me: Gosh. It’s already the 21st century?! My head hurts…

Passer by: Okay… You’re weird.

Passer by: Anyways, are you alright? Where do you live? Maybe I can walk you there.

Me: Where do I live? Home…

What is your definition of home? Shouldn’t home be a place where people feel safe, finds comfort and happy to live in? I could almost forgot that feeling. I spend most of my time running around, accepting challenges, and completing quest. And perhaps, finding my own identity. Not that I am hiding. As you know, mortals are nothing but selfish and judgmental human beings. What is their nature? Evil. Yes, you didn’t hear them wrong. I have seen worst: greed, violence and cruelty in them. There is no such thing as humanity back then. Even now, I will say that they are close to extinction. Back in my days, I enjoyed the nature built by Gaia, she’s the personification of Earth, the great mother of all-twelve Olympians, Titans, and Giants. She is our mother nature – The Goddess. The sound of cheery, chirpy birds and the familiar smell of fresh flowers and trees. In those days, weekdays was comparable to any other Saturdays and Sundays, no mundane in the normal. That was where I used to lived; a campsite in a forest, I supposed that explains the reason why. I miss those times, especially rainy days. The nature tends to elude this musky aroma, which happened to be my favorite natural fragrance. It was cozy, it was a place where I feel the sense of belonging, where I find comfort. It feels like home in a natural setting. I could tell you this was unlike any others.

She is different.

Daily Prompt: Free Association


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