Daily Prompt: Ready, Set Go

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.

It’s 10:45am now.


Even though I am at work, I thought sparing 10 minutes for this challenge shouldn’t be too difficult. I have at least 8 drafts in the midst of it, pending for me to finish. This morning didn’t go too well for me. I got a cup of coffee from my office’s cafeteria, but the bottom of the cup appeared to be leaking. In order to stay optimistic, I told myself that this is a good thing ’cause I will have to finish this cup of coffee while it’s still warm-law of attraction.

Earlier this week, I was suppose to submit one of my post, however, after I was done with my writing, I realised that the post will (somewhat) reveal too much of myself, so I have decided to keep it as a draft instead. I still don’t like the thought of letting people to know much bout me. Not that I’m hiding or anything, but that feeling kind of scared me off at times.

Recently I came out with a few things that I have to do by the end of this year, and that includes ‘challenges’ such as I have score better in school, learn music composing, write a song or two, post a video of myself on YouTube (I have no idea what and how am I going to do), watch a movie in the cinema alone and et cetera. Maybe I should come out with a list. Damn, I’m boring. I know this is a very choppy piece of writing, ’cause I write everything and anything that comes up to me now. I’m still disturbed by the toilet incident that happened last Monday though. Anyway, time’s up. Ciao.

Daily Prompt: Ready, Set Go


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