Disclaimer: This is an excerpt of an event. All names have been changed to protect the identity. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.


Hi. My name is Mitch. This is a story I want to tell you. But first, promise me this will be kept just between you and me? I heard that you are really trustworthy and I guess I am left with no one to confess to. Life has been hard ever since I stepped into this working society, school hasn’t been easy either, and to be honest, this seems to be the toughest part of my life thus far. Even so in marvel, that past 3 days have been extraordinary serene. The clear sky, puffy clouds, and calm sea. Everything else doesn’t seem to matter.

The fact is I am allured by this slow and steady sea waves that approaches the shoreline from time to time. That is the thing about her-so mysterious and distant, the beauty of the mother nature. They stole my attention, those thieves. I guess I wouldn’t mind looking at the sea, and doing nothing for hours. Our room was simple, everything wood furnished, front view window faced the sea, the small balcony faced the opposite side of the shore. We are peckish from all the wait at the ferry to the land transfer. Oh. Something I want to mention, Kay ordered a bottled coke thinking that it would be different from the usual bottled coke we have in Singapore. Hahaha! Sorry, I can’t help it. I mean, it’s cute. Really.

We walked along the shoreline, barefooted and settled down at one of the rocks nearby. Sitting on the rock, I could feel the gentle breeze brushing against my face, and the sea water splashed up against my legs. We sat there looking at the clear blue sky made up by the white sunlight with scattered tiny molecules. There, I experienced the feeling of waldeinsamkeit. And I wondered if Kay feel the same.

I do not count the hours I spend
In wandering by the sea

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


After the first night stay, we have been anticipating for the second night to draw in. We sat at the bar waiting for the sun to set, and the night to fall in, but the stars cannot be seen any where even when the sky had turned dark. It didn’t appear until the later part of the night when we were about to head back to our room. I requested for two towels from the reception, placed them on the grass patches, and we laid back trying to make ourselves comfortable. We then make our own “binoculars” by forming two circles with both of our hands, connecting the thumb with the rest of the finger tips to block away the unnecessary light so we could see the stars clearer. The stars were beaming bright.

I think the one that shines the brightest is a satellite. Said Mitch.

Really? Kay asked.

Yah. That’s what I heard. Mitch replied.

Mitch: I think asking you this will make me sound very childish, but which star do you like the most?

Kay: The one that’s shimmering, shining on and off.

The one that aglow in and out.

Kay: What about you?

Mitch: Ah. The stars that placed three in a row, diagonally.

These stars belong to our own galaxy, the Milky Way. It is a translation from Latin, Via Lactea, which origin translation from the Greek for Galaxias, also known as “milky circle”. There might be billions of stars in our galaxy, but what we have seen with our naked eyes that night was infinite. Without the aid of a binoculars or a telescope, what we saw were the brightest stars in the night sky.


While we were in the car on the way back to the ferry terminal, Kay said, “well, if you don’t mind, I’m going to listen to my mp3”. Thinking of course, I mind. Nah. I’m kidding. Sure. I shall invade your privacy by being “forceful” and so I passed Kay a twin headphone socket that allowed two earpieces to be plugged into the music player at the same time. Sorry for being such an ass, I told myself in the thoughts of my own. Snapping myself back to reality, “Coldplay” she said. While we were listening to Coldplay, I was reading at the same time and I had this thought-if only this would last. I turned over to her direction, she was looking out of the window, seemed like she’s looking at the scenery, distant, but probably dazing.

Coldplay – Trouble

Oh no I see
A spider web it’s tangled up with me
And I lost my head
The thought of all the stupid things I said
Oh no what’s this
A spider web and I’m caught in the middle
So I turned to run
The thought of all the stupid things I’ve done

And oh I never meant to cause you trouble
And oh and I never meant to do you wrong
And oh well if I ever caused you trouble
Oh no I never meant to do you harm

Oh no I see
A spider web and it’s me in the middle
So I twist and turn
Here am I in my little bubble

Singing out
Oh I never meant to cause you trouble
Oh I never meant to do you wrong
Oh well if I ever caused you trouble
Oh no I never meant to do you harm

They spun a web for me
They spun a web for me
They spun a web for me


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