Daily Prompt: Audience of One

Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.

I am pretty sure this person I chose have never read my blog, yet. However, if I get to pick the one person in the world, I really wish it was you.

Let’s name this person Anonymous.


Dear Anonymous,

Where art thou? It seems ages since we last met. Do you remember the first time we went out for window shopping? Or remember the movie we had last watched? It was not very long ago, but it seemed like it has been a really long while. I didn’t know writing to you could be so difficult. There are many things that has been holding me back, questions and doubts. Times like this I thought I should have given up, except I didn’t. Will holding on cost me more pain, or should I let you go? This will cause an endless debate on asking if the chicken or the egg comes first. You, as well, keeping me away from a safe distance. Giving me the ‘not-too-hot’ and ‘not-too-cold’ treatment, in other words, the friend zone.

I am pretty sure this letter will never go to you, definitely not personally by me. ‘Cause rather than writing to you decently, I am whining, and that sucks. Believe me, I have never blame you, not once. However the question is ‘how long will I be able to hold onto this belief of mine?’ Maybe someday, when I have no will to carry on no more, this belief of my mine will slowly die out akin to the car running out of fuel.

Let us hope something good comes out of it. Us, or maybe selfishly just for me.

Yours sincerely,


Daily Prompt: Audience of One


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