Seriously, I dare you to love me.

This is not my first time watching Imagine Me and You (Ol Parker, 2005). I re-watched it again and again for my Screen Text essay, as I have chosen this as the core film of my essay question; “How do queer filmmakers subvert hetero-normative structures of representation?” My “memory bank” then recalled back to this particular conversation exchanged between Luce (Lena Headey) and Rachel (Piper Perabo).

Rachel: Tell me more about the lily.

Luce: You don’t want to know about the lily.

Rachel: It’s my favorite.

Luce: Ask me about the azalea.

Rachel: *chuckled* Alright. What about the azalea?

Luce: The azalea means, “May you achieve financial security.”

Rachel: Bah.

Luce: See?

Rachel: *Giggles* Lovely. Now, tell me about the lily.

Luce: The lily means… *took a deep breath* The lily means, “I dare you to love me.”

I cannot believe what I just heard, thinking that was way too cliche to be true, and so I went crazy in search for an answer. Generally, lily could mean purity, beauty or coquetry. Though the movie did not specifically mention that it was tiger lily, but seriously, it means “I dare you to love me.” And trust me on this. If I ever have a chance, someday, I will get tiger lily for this special one.


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